Two Arrests for drugs

Joint efforts between Police and the Fiji Detector Dog Unit resulted in the arrest of a couple alleged to be involved in the distribution and sale of methamphetamine in Nabua.

Assistant Commissioner of Police – Operations (ACP) Livai Driu said working off a tip, officers from the FDDU, Southern Division Task Force, K9 Unit, Crime Scene Investigations and Southern Division Narcotics executed a search warrant at the suspects home whereby they were allegedly obstructed by the first accused, a 30-year-old woman.

ACP Driu said a team went to secure the back of the house when the second suspect, a 37-year-old man ran towards the main road and threw a bag into a creek which was retrieved by an officer.

Officers managed to arrest the suspect, and escorted him back to the house, where ACP Driu said K9 Tiny was deployed inside the house and made the discovery of white crystals believed to be methamphetamine.

ACP Driu said the bag seized during the chase also contained several zip lock plastics containing white crystals believed to be methamphetamine.

Both suspects were escorted to the Nabua Police Station where they remain in custody and the seized substances weighing more than 1 kilogram has been sent for analysis.

ACP Driu said the seizure is yet another testament of what can be achieved through collaboration and partnership between Police and the community. ACP Driu said, “We call on religious and community leaders to speak up and work with police by reporting such illegal activities.

The arrest made in such a densely populated area, someone must have known or suspected something, and we need to work together with community leaders, to encourage the reporting of such illegal activities to Police".

ACP Driu says a great deal can be achieved when the community works hand in hand with police in tackling the illicit drug trade.

????The Fiji Detector Dog Unit is a partnership between the Fiji Police Force, Fiji Revenue and Customs Service supported by New Zealand Police and New Zealand Customs working together to stop the flow of illicit drugs locally and into the country, by strengthening partnerships between border agencies and law enforcement.