Acting Commissioner visits the North Division

The Acting Commissioner of Police Juki Fong Chew on his tour of the Northern Division, acknowledged that while serving in rural areas can often be challenging, the solution lies within their communities who are more than willing to assist, however, dependent on one's approach to service delivery.

This past week, the Acting head of the organization visited the Nabouwalu, Seaqaqa, Labasa and Savusavu Police Stations and community posts on the last leg of his Divisional tours.

The Acting Commissioner who at the beginning of his career served for three years at the Nabouwalu Police Station from 1991 to 1994, said officers serving in rural communities are often required to be innovative in order to get the job done, by working with other stakeholders as well as enlisting community support.

Recalling his early days, the Acting Commissioner said amidst the challenges of resources, officers managed to get the work done with the support of the community.

While acknowledging the increased demands on policing, he stressed that when the policing approach is at all times professional, transparent and honest, community support will fall into place, and policing efforts supported.

He said work on restoring the blue culture required all officers, from his office to the junior in rank to get the small acts that restore public trust and confidence right, whilst one is on or off duty.

“It’s about being honest about the small things, as they affect service delivery. Take time to explain our processes and procedures, what to expect and be realistic, so members of the public can understand”.

"Every action has a consequence and when one of us does wrong we are all seen in a negative light. It's not about me or you, It's about us, so we must continue to support each other, talk and get things right so we can restore confidence and trust".