Unruly behavior unacceptable

The Assistant Commissioner of Police – Operations (ACP) Livai Driu says adequate awareness and advisories have been issued, with officers now directed to take action against those who act and condone unruly behavior that are both dangerous and inconsiderate of other passengers and road users.

ACP Driu said recent videos showing students behaving in a dangerous manner is of serious concern, adding everyone shares equal responsibility on our roads, including school children.

ACP Driu said there are provisions in the law to charge drivers and passengers, and police will not hesitate to hold accountable, those who blatantly disregard road rules by putting others safety at risk.

He adds police officers have conducted awareness at schools, games venues, and held meetings with bus operators, however unruly behavior by some persists, and officers are going to take action against those who refuse to cooperate, before someone gets seriously injured.

ACP Driu is reminding parents and guardians to again talk to their children to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.