Southern HQ Celebrate Diwali

A celebration of diversity and respect was the foundation of the Southern Division’s Diwali Celebrations held at the SD Headquarters in Nabua yesterday.

Divisional Police Commander South (DPC/S) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Wate Vocevoce said Diwali always brings out the very best of Fiji’s diversity.

“It is one of the Festivals that has traditionally united all Fijians through its colour, food, and sweets, and the celebrations around it. The upcoming holiday on Monday 13th of November also reminds us of the importance of dharma – good conduct, both in individual interactions, and through service to our communities as police officers”.

SSP Vocevoce went on to say,“It reminds us of our responsibilities, that we each do our part in making sure that good triumphs over evil and light transcends darkness.

It is also a celebration of the most sacred values: love of family.

Kindness towards loved ones and strangers alike.

Forgiveness, grace, new beginnings”.

#FijiPoliceForce #saluspopuli