Alleged Child exploitation

The Criminal Investigation Department has charged a 70-year-old foreign national for offences linked to alleged child exploitation.

A team consisting of officers from CID Headquarters and CID Sigatoka investigated the reports where the accused is alleged to have committed the offences involving the two victims aged 13 and 14 on three different occasions in January, April and May this year.

In the first incident in January, the accused is alleged to have performed a sexual act in front of the 13-year-old victim.

In the second incident reported to have occurred earlier this month, also involving the 13-year-old boy, the accused is alleged to have sexually assaulted the victim in his home.

The victim had accompanied the accused on a rafting trip, after which they returned to his Sigatoka home.

After dinner, the victim said he felt unwell and wanted to rest.

The victim reported that the accused is alleged to have sexually assaulted him on the same night.

The accused is also alleged to have during the Easter weekend, indecently insulted the second victim, a 14-year old boy by depicting a sexual act using adult toys.

The accused has been charged with one count of Sexual Assault, and two counts of Indecently Insulting or Annoying any Person.