Internationally Accredited Trainers

Seven Police Officers have graduated today with Internationally Accredited Trainer and Assessor Certificates.

The police officers are part of a cohort of 23 Inter Agency officers from the Fiji Police Force, National Fire Authority, Fiji Airports Fire, Fiji NDMO, and St. John Association of Fiji.

The Inter Agency officers graduated with the International Skills Trainer and Assessor Certificates and Advanced International Skills Trainer and Assessor Certificates after undergoing a 6 weeks course from the Australian Pacific Training Coalition (APTC).

Addressing the 23 course graduates was the Police Chief of Planning Research and Doctrine, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Aporosa Lutunauga who said their new role as an educator was not simply about imparting knowledge and information to learners, but rather igniting a passion for learning within them.

“As trainers and assessors, we have the power to inspire and motivate individuals to reach their full potential, to awaken their curiosity, and to fuel their desire for continuous growth and development,” ACP Lutunauga said.

He reminded the officers of the impact they will have as trainers.

“Embrace this responsibility with humility, empathy, and passion.

May you continue to inspire, empower, and educate, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of those you touch.

The future of Fiji is brighter because of your dedication,” he added.

The course was fully funded by the Pacific-Community-SPC (SPC) through the Pacific Island Emergency Management Alliance (PIEMA).

This is the second Inter Agency cohort to have graduated from this International Accredited certificate.