Crime Prevention Committee Workshop in Kadavu begins

A team from the Southern Division Community Policing Unit is currently in Kadavu visiting the nine districts in a bid to set up Crime Prevention Committees.

Operation Vueti Sauca came about following a visit to the Kadavu Provincial Council Office in November 2022 where the nine (9) Tikina chiefs expressed their support in the launching of Crime Prevention Committees on the island.

Divisional Manager Community Policing (DMCP) Superintendent of Police Ruci Nasemira said the team will be visiting the nine tikina’s to train and empower the selected Crime Prevention Committees with the aim of enhancing collaboration and inclusivity focusing on crime prevention on the island of Kadavu.

The Divisional Manager Community Policing said through an integrated approach with stakeholders, strengthening Community Policing is viewed as the best way forward in addressing crime and other social issues faced on the island.