"Drive with Precaution"

Police are concerned with the number of accidents occurring on our roads.

Two separate incidents yesterday claimed the lives of three people, with nine people admitted in Hospital.

Yesterday at around 02.00pm along Valley Road at Nacocolevu, Sigatoka, two vehicles collided head on.

This had resulted in three people losing their lives, and four have been admitted in hospital.

One of the passengers was treated and discharged.

In a separate incident in Labasa, along Bulileke Road at Vatunibale last night, a vehicle went of road and collided with a street light.

Due to the impact, seven passengers were injured where five are being admitted in the hospital, and two were treated and discharged.

Fiji Police Chief Operations Officer (COO) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Livai Driu said the two incidents are a concern.

“While we sympathize with the family, we are calling on all drivers to drive with more care and with that responsibility that your passenger’s life are in your hands,” said ACP Driu.

The Police Head of Operations is also calling on all drivers to be extra vigilant at this time because of the school holiday, and many children will be around enjoying their break.

While the Fiji Police will continue to conduct its operations on our roads, ACP Driu said drivers should practice safety at all times.

Investigations on both incidents are continuing.