Closing of Forensic Anthropology Course

The first Forensic Anthropology Course came to an end today with regional participants gaining an increased understanding of the Medico-legal roles and responsibilities of practitioners.

Funded by the Royal College of Pathologists Australiasia in conjunction with the Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Fiji Police Force Forensic the course delivered by Professor Soren Blau and Dr Samantha Rowbotham ends today was attended by Forensic Pathologists, Forensic Biologists, Histology and Pathology technicians and Crime Scene Investigators, and a Clinical Pathology team from the Ministry of Health & Medical Services - Fiji. Forensic Anthropology is a subspecialty of forensic science that provides examinations of human skeletal remains for medical legal death investigations.

Dr James Kalougivaki from the Fiji Police Force Forensic Department acknowledged the two facilitators and said the Course not only led to increased understanding of the medico-legal roles but strengthened networking between the participants.