Commissioner's Hour in the West

The Commissioner of Police held his talanoa session, known as the Commissioner’s Hour with the officers cadre in the Western Division this past week where he acknowledged the support of Police officer’s families.

The Commissioner's Hour is an opportunity for the head of the Fiji Police Force to hear directly from officers which include Station Officers, Officers in Charge, Divisional Managers and the Divisional Command Group members about operational and administrative issues that could be improved from Headquarters level.

Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho acknowledged the effort of the middle managers as they play a vital role in the implementation of various policies and directives issued from Command level.

Brigadier General Qiliho said the Commissioner's hour was an opportunity for him to meet the Divisional Command Group and say thank you for their loyalty and support.

The head of the organisation also used the opportunity to acknowledge the support of police families as they were an important support element of any police officer's career.

He said an officer's ability to successfully carry out their duty on a daily basis was largely due to the support of their families who on most occasions, made their own sacrifices in being without their loved ones for long periods of time due to the demands of policing.