“Attacking Drug Problem by Removing the Profit”

An important element of tackling the illicit drug trade is through collaboration with our national, regional and international law enforcement partners.

This was the focus of a presentation by the Fiji Police Force during the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Annual Conference last week.

The Deputy Director Organised Crime, Superintendent of Police Aiyaz Ali says the Fiji Police Force were able to share experiences on the topic of Helping our Neighbours and what the Fiji Police were doing internationally to tackle the illicit drug trade.

SP Ali reiterated the Fiji Police's commitment to addressing the conference theme of “Attacking Drug Problem by Removing the Profit”, with the help of regional and international partners.

An example highlighted was through the support of the Fiji Police Partnership Programme supported by the New Zealand High Commission, Suva, Fiji & New Zealand Police through the thematic area of Asset Recovery Support.

New Zealand Police Senior Advisor Brent Murray was also part of the Fiji Police delegation to the ODPP conference.

The Fiji Police’s presentation also focused on Fiji’s illicit drug trade and counter measures, and the conference was a great opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills of eradicating illicit drugs by taking away the profits.