Air Force Senior Leader Security Seminar

Inspector Ulaiasi Tamanisau, of the Fiji Police Force had recently attended the Air Force Senior Leader Security Seminar (SLSS) in Montross, VA.

The SLSS is a two-day antiterrorism course designed for Air Force General Officers, Senior Executive Service civilians, Colonels, Chief Master Sergeants, and Senior International Law Enforcement partners who have been assigned to, or frequently travel through, medium to critical threat areas.

During the Course, Inspector Tamanisau received instruction on tactical medicine and caring for the wounded, along with an extensive instruction on instinctive driving skills, simulating various driving conditions.

The Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho welcomed the training opportunity where young officers identified as future leaders are given the chance to enhance capacity building with international law enforcement partners.

Supported by the Office of Special Investigations Brigadier General Qiliho acknowledged the support by the U.S. Embassy Suvatowards the Fiji Police in developing Police Officers’ knowledge on issues impacting security.