Public Health Infringement Notice

Ninety-five Public Health Infringement Notices (PHIN) were issued from Saturday morning to Monday morning.

One PHIN was issued for failing to wear a mask in order to enter a business premises in the Western Division.

Of the 95 cases, 29 were for failing to wear a face covering in a public place, 13 for social gathering, 3 for failing to wear a mask in a Public Service Vehicle, breach of curfew 37, 8 for failure to comply with orders in relation to consumption of liquor and kava in a public place and 4 for failure to comply with 50?pacity in a public service vehicle.

As announced yesterday, people can expect a surge in operations in support of the Ministry of Health’s containment and mitigation efforts.

Snap checkpoints will be erected throughout the divisions as officers continue to conduct community visitations as well as keeping a close eye on business operators to ensure they are complying with health measures.

We encourage Fijians to report breaches and by doing so, you’re protecting your families and communities from the virus.

The Ministry of Health continues to advise us all to take necessary precautions as daily cases numbers remain high and daily test positivity remains high, indicating ongoing widespread community transmission in the Suva-Nausori containment zone.

According to its latest release, cases are also increasing in the West with evidence of community transmission in that division with increasing numbers of people with severe disease, and deaths in the West.

We ask for your cooperation in adhering to these life saving measures.