“Practice your assertive conversation without being aggressive"

The Improving Workplace Communication Program for senior Fijian Women Police Officers organized by the Pacific Faculty of Policing (PFP) in collaboration with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) was held at the Australian High Commission today.

The program targets Police women who hold supervisory roles, and is aimed at creating productive conversations in workplaces leading to improved performing teams for greater outcomes.

The training was conducted by PFP Director Amanda McCormick who acknowledged the Fiji Police Force for allowing the conduct of the training specifically for senior women officers.

She urged participants to put into practice the knowledge gained, and a follow up on the progress made will be conducted after 3 months.

“Practice your assertive conversation without being aggressive.

Practice the nine ways of making conversations more productive and how it made you feel when you were making that positive conversation with your supervisor,” said Ms McCormick.

She reminded participants that their job as managers and supervisors was to make their colleagues feel good about their work which is an important aspect of being a leader.

The program offers leadership development opportunities for those engaging in Policing and public safety operational, organizational and cultural change across the Pacific.

The program is designed to encourage participants to look at the challenges faced with a different mindset and be aware of their own impact in the workplace.