Public Health Infringement Notice

A 45-year old man was fined for failing to comply with orders pertaining to the entering/exit of a containment zone.

The suspect who is unvaccinated travelled from Waya to Lautoka and was issued a Public Health Infringement Notice (PHIN) for the alleged breach.

One hundred and sixty seven bookings were conducted between the 13th of October to the 17th of October with failure to wear a mask once again recording the highest number of bookings.

Failure to wear a mask in public accounted for 116 bookings with the Southern and Western Divisions recording the most number of cases.

Failure to wear a mask whist travelling in a Public Service Vehicle accounted for 35 bookings, 13 PHINs were issued for breach of curfew and 2 PSV drivers were booked for failing to comply with the 80% passenger capacity regulation.

We urge Fijians to continue complying with COVID-safe measures at all times and support ongoing efforts of returning to normalcy.