FPPP Management Committee Meeting

The first Fiji Police Partnership Programme (FPPP) Management Committee meeting was held yesterday between the Fiji Police Force and the New Zealand Police as part of the multi-million New Zealand Government assistance focusing on combating transnational crime and enhancing investigative skills.

In February 2020, the New Zealand Prime Minister announced an $11 million assistance package aimed at enhancing the capability of the Fiji Police Force and expanding security partnership between Fiji and New Zealand in policing cooperation.

The meeting was an opportunity for the head of the FPPP, NZ Police Inspector Paris Razos to provide a brief and discuss the progress made against the 2020/2021 work plan across the four outputs of;

1. Development of Investigative Interviewing capability

2. Development of General Patrol Dog capability (K9)

3. Asset Recovery Support

4. Development of Leadership & Governance capability Due to the pandemic, the Programme Management Committee (PMC) consisting of officers from the Fiji Police, New Zealand Police and the NZ High Commission’s Second Secretary Political Ms Courtney Rose could not meet as scheduled earlier this year, to conduct its police-to-police operations level meeting to consider work plans and progress reports and advise on key management issues.

Fiji's Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho acknowledged the support of the New Zealand High Commission, Suva, Fiji and New Zealand Police in various aspects of policing and security engagements.

Brigadier General Qiliho acknowledged the members of the NZ Police Advisory Group in achieving a lot amid the challenges brought on by the global pandemic.

“I wish to convey to your superiors my sincere appreciation for all the assistance in the recent past when I was away on studies, and the outcomes that will be deliberated on in today’s meeting”.

“I am interested in developing our partnership with the way things have grown recently, engagements on a person to person level in addition to what you are going to discuss this morning as a means of widening our police partnership programmes”.

The New Zealand Police Advisory team headed by Inspector Razos said their ability to progress their work despite the restrictions brought on by the pandemic was a testament of the great working partnership that exists between members of the two forces.

“I acknowledge the support right across the organization in being welcomed here and being given the opportunity to work side by side with Fiji Police”.

“I reiterate this program has never been about a donor recipient relationship so much, as this is a side by side relationship between us, and with your guidance and direction it gives us the opportunity to know how we can support you within the context of this program and future partnership programmes as well”.

IP Razos says his team of Advisors are keen to progress their work with the easing of certain restrictions enabling them to travel within Viti Levu to conduct meetings for the delivery of the work streams identified.