Investigations into Several fire cases

Several fire cases were reported over the last two day period. In the Northern Division, a fire at the Naleba Youth Training Center Boys Hostel destroyed completely destroyed the building and all its all contents.

Fortunately there were nil injuries and casualties, and the cost of fire is estimated to be worth more that $100,000.

In Qeleni in Taveuni, a one bedroom home belonging to a 40-year-old farmer was completely destroyed in a fire that is believed to have started from the kitchen.

The estimated cost of damage is believed to be around $30,000. In the Southern Division, a three bedroom home in Vunimoli Settlement along Reservoir Road was completely destroyed in a fire late last night.

The cause of the fire is yet to be established. Early this morning, a report was received from Davuilevu Housing as a car belonging to a 42-year-old man was engulfed in flames.

Joint investigations with the National Fire Authority are underway.