Public Health Infringement Notice

The high number of bookings made for failure to comply with simple COVID safe measures continue to be of great concern.

This was reflected in the number of bookings for failure to comply COVID safe measures from the 16th to the 30th of November.

Six hundred and seventy-seven Public Health Infringement Notices were issued during this period with failure to wear a mask accounting for majority of the bookings.

Six hundred and forty-one bookings were recorded for failure to wear a mask in public, nineteen for failure to wear a mask whilst travelling in a public service vehicle, sixteen for breach of curfew and an employee of a business was issued a PHIN for failing to wear a mask while at work.

As reiterated by the Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong, that for as long as there is a pandemic, Fiji will continue to face a threat from the virus and its variants, and the Fiji Police reiterates the call and importance to comply to COVID safe measures at all times.

Surge operations will be conducted throughout the Divisions to ensure compliance and we urge Fijians to comply for their own well-being.