Public Health Infringement Notice

Thursday 22nd July

One hundred and two Public Health Infringement Notices were issued over the last two days with 71 people booked for failing to wear a mask.

Fifty-eight cases were recorded during the first 24-hour period from Tuesday morning till Wednesday morning.

Failure to wear a face covering (mask) recorded 51 cases. The Western Division recorded 22 cases, Central 19, Southern and East 5 cases each.

Four PHINs were issued for breach of curfew while three PSV drivers were issued for breaching the 50% Ministry of Health Guidelines.

Forty-four PHINs were issued in the last 24-hour period. Failure to wear face covering (mask) recorded 20 cases.

Five reports in the Southern Division, four PHINs were issued by PSRU, Central and Western Division while the Eastern Division recorded 3 cases. Breach of curfew recorded 21 cases, 20 in the Southern Division and one in the West.

While three PSV drivers were booked for breaching the 50% Ministry of Health Capacity guidelines.