128 Drivers Booked

Speeding in the Southern and Western Division continues to be a concern.

From 6am on the 14th of October to 6am this morning, 128 drivers were booked for speeding in the Western Division while 93 bookings were recorded in the Southern Division.

The Eastern Division recorded 24 bookings for speeding while the North recorded 6 bookings.

As we head into the long weekend, we urge drivers to take all necessary road safety precautionary measures.

Other bookings recorded during the reporting period were for careless and inconsiderate driving, failure to wear a seat belt, and one case of drunk driving involving a 33-year old Taxi driver who was arrested in Nadi last night.

Traffic officers will be out this long weekend and random breathalyzer tests will be conducted.

Everyone shares equal responsibility when it comes to road safety and we urge both drivers and pedestrians to be alert at all times.

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