Alleged Rape

4th November

Investigations are underway following the alleged rape of a 7 year old student in Lautoka on Monday morning.

The victim remains admitted at the Lautoka Hospital as investigations conducted by a team of twelve officers who are working around the clock continues to try and solve this shameful act on an innocent child.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning and the victim was taken by an unknown person away from her home. Attempts made by her family to locate her were unsuccessful and she managed to walk back home after sometime whereby a report was lodged at the Lautoka Police Station.

The Fiji Police Force is re-emphasizing the Hon. Prime Minister’s comments that we have to work as a nation to stop the mistreatment and sexual assault of our women and children.

The responsibility of curbing the incidence of these crimes can no longer be placed on the Fiji Police Force alone, and we are again requesting every individuals cooperation if we are to prevent any other child becoming a victim.

A child should have the freedom to live their life as any child would. Having to live with the traumatic experience with what they have gone from such an early age and throughout the rest of their lives is something we know, no one would wish on their very own loved ones.


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