More Stand up Against Crime

3rd November 2015 

It is indeed encouraging to receive more reports of ordinary citizens taking a stand by helping Police fight crime.

The latest incident occurred yesterday in Kinoya when a road construction worker heard the cry of a woman who had her iPad allegedly stolen by a man who currently has a number of cases of robberies and theft pending in court.

The construction worker then gave chase and apprehended the suspect before handing him over at the Valelevu Police Station where he remains in custody.

Similarly the assistance rendered by the people of Dravuwalu in Kadavu to our officers in the apprehension of escapee Sakiusa Basa Viaviaturaga is another perfect example of proactive measures that can be taken to curb illegal activities.

The Fiji Police Force continues to call for community partnership in the prevention of crime and efforts displayed yesterday goes a long way in our efforts. There are many measures that can be adopted such as the sharing of information that could assist in keeping your communities safe.

We have often said that the Police cannot fight crime alone and we are optimistic recent examples of civic pride shown through these two reports will encourage others to join our efforts in curbing illegal activities from amongst our communities.



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