Adopt Safety Measures

3rd November 2015 

We would like to request property owners to take extra precautions and ensure their homes and properties are secured at all times.

With an increase in social activities expected over the coming weeks, criminal elements will be looking at any opportunity to strike. This was noted with a recent analysis conducted that vacant homes were being targeted.

Operation “Gauna ni marau” has commenced throughout Fiji and this is one of the issues highlighted by officers on the ground and there is a need to take a little more care in securing your homes especially if you are planning to leave it vacant.

While it has only been a handful of cases, the focus of the Operations which will run throughout the festive season, is to ensure everyone is given the conducive environment to enjoy themselves without major incident.

However the safety and security aspect of one’s life and property can only be managed if we take it upon ourselves to be more proactive and acknowledge our individual responsibilities.

There have also been concerns with the number of assault cases which has been linked to the over consumption of alcohol.

Again a reminder to drink responsibly as in most cases people have often found themselves regretting their actions once the effects of alcohol subsides.

These are small tips that people can take on board and while it may insignificant it could go a long way in ensuring you stay out of harm’s way.

We need everyone’s cooperation and we will continue to issue advisories for everyone’s safety.



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