Alleged fatal

An eigt year old child died after he was allegedly bumped by a vehicle driven by a 40 year old businessman yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred at Balabala Cresent along Khalsa Rd.

The victim is alleged to have crossed in front of a parked bus when the incident occurred.

He was rushed to the Valelevu Heath Center where he later died.

Three lives have been claimed on our roads compared to seven and this is the second accident whereby a person was hit by a vehicle whilst trying to cross in front of a parked vehicle.

We are again urging parents and guardians to continuously talk to their children about road safety and spend time showing them how to be safe on our roads.

It's no longer enough to just simply be talking about it but we need to be showing them and leading by examples.

Motorists equally have a role to play and must take all necessary precautions when passing a parked vehicle particularly when it is a bus.

Drivers need to slow down and be alert to these situations because road safety and the safety of our children needs to be addressed collectively.