Officers Challenged to Remove Stigma

IMG 317210th July 2017

The Chief Operations Officer has issued a challenge to 25 traffic officers to change the stigma placed on the Traffic Unit which is often riddled with allegations of corrupt practices.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rusiate Tudravu issued the challenge during the opening of the Breathalyzer Operators Course at the Fiji Police Academy this morning.

Twenty five officers from the Southern and Eastern Division are attending the course focusing on the standard operations of the drager machines which is used to conduct Breathalyzer tests.

ACP Tudravu said the onus was on the officers to conduct their work in a manner that could win the support of the public.

“You and I know of the stigma placed on the Traffic Unit because of the actions of a few who have faced the consequences of their corrupt practices”.

“The only people who can change that negative image will be you because you are out there in the frontline and your actions can either paint a positive or negative picture of the organisation”.

With drunk driving one of the leading causes of road accidents and fatalities, ACP Tudravu said the officers need to take the course seriously.

“If we are to get the public to work with us in adhering to road rules, we also have a role to play by ensuring we are applying the laws in a transparent and ethical manner”.

“By qualifying you will become an officer with a specialized skill in operating the drager machines so you will be out cracking down on drunk drivers. We need you to see the potential you have in saving lives and not think of the qualifications as just another certificate earned”.

The course ends on Friday.



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