Operation Tatarovi III

Into day 12 of Operation Tatarovi III and once again the same bad habits which could potentially result in the loss of life continue to be reflected in the number of infringement notices issued.

The joint POLICE/LTA ‘OPERATION TATAROVI III which commenced on 26/6/17 has seen over 2,300 drivers booked for speeding.

Simple safety practices that could save a life are still being disregarded and these include wearing seatbelts and the use of mobile phones which recorded 369 and 21 infringement notices respectively.

Road safety stakeholders have often stressed that the only way to prevent further loss of life on our roads is for drivers to change their attitude towards road safety.

However for 22 drivers who were issued infringement notices for driving with an expired drivers license, this is a clear indication that there are some who think they can disregard the law which is a selfish act considering that they are putting the lives of innocent parties at risk.

We need drivers to change their attitude and think of others and the harm they could cause when they choose to ignore simple road safety practices.

The operation ends on the 31st of this month.