Release - Stolen Items

A man in his 30s who is alleged to have been involved in a series of burglaries and aggravated robberies in the Southern as well as the Eastern Division has been arrested.

The suspect was arrested by the Southern Division Taskforce team at Wailea Settlement in Vatuwaqa on Wednesday.

Also seized from the suspect’s possession were items believed to have been stolen and these include phones, laptops, watches and other personal belongings.

A team has been pursuing those involved in cases of burglaries and aggravated robberies and upon following some leads they managed to identify the suspect.

So far investigators have managed to link the items to several robberies in the Southern Division as well one in the Eastern Division.

While some items have been identified by the victim’s, others are yet to be known and we are pleading with members of the public to call 9905057 if they identify the following items.

Police continue their crackdown on cases of aggravated robberies and burglaries and have dedicated taskforces to ensure those involved are brought to justice.



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