Friday, 23rd June 2017 1000hrs

• Madam Principal
• Members of the School Management Board of Governance
• Invited Guests
• The Parade Commander
• Cadets, Teachers and Students
• Ladies and gentlemen,
Ni sa bula vinaka
Let me begin by thanking the Principal for the words of welcome and intriguing introductory remarks.
Thank you for this opportunity to be here on this auspicious occasion to review the 2017 Pundit Shreedhar Maharaj College Cadet Corps Pass out Parade.
When the Commissioner of Police asks me to stand in for your Pass Out Parade, I accepted the task whole heartedly as I categorise this an important occasion given that I would be speaking to the leaders of tomorrow.
The Commissioner of Police sends his well wishes and apologies as he is unable to be here with you to mark this significant milestone for your school.
To the Parade Commander and Detachment commanders congratulations for putting on an impressive display.
Madam Principal, thank you for having the vision to involve your school in the Fiji Police Cadet Program and I do hope that this will not be the last of your involvement in the Cadet Program.
As you have also taken on board the Crime Stoppers Scholastic Program, I know our working partnership will continue to flourish.
There are a lot of misconceptions about the cadet program being too strict and being a negative influence over a student’s life.

This could not be further from the truth!
I was in Levuka last week attending a similar event at the Levuka Public School. While speaking to the Principal; he mentioned after a lapse of 13 years, since their last cadet program, behaviours of children were difficult to control. In the 8 weeks of cadet this year, he and his staff have witnessed a great change. Students were more respectful and obedient. I also spoke to groups of parents in a church in the weekend and they were happy to share the changes they find in their children. The cadet training was a motivating factor. Some may not agree to this but it is the feedback I gathered from the Principal and parents.
It signifies that the Cadet Program has bear instant fruits in the lives of (Cadets) school children.
Discipline is a fundamental part of life and without it; your life will not have the needed capacity to withstand the negative impacts brought about by influences around us.
It is said young people like you go through four agents of change.
Agent number one is your parents and we all know that every parent will want the best for their children.
Agent number two is your teachers and it is public knowledge, teachers will strive to get the best out of you, and teachers go out of their way to assist you.
The two remaining agents are what we call uncontrolled agents; one is the media and the last agent are your peers.
When I refer to the media, I am not saying the media is bad, but there are certain issues disseminated through the many forms of media available today that can be detrimental to your life.
This is where you need to absorb what is useful in your life, and disregard what will negatively impact your life.
The same can be said about your peers!
Say YES to those who can help you and NO to those who steer you towards the wrong path in life. You must learn to accept the fact that saying NO, is OK! So many old people still regret their decision because they did not say NO when they were supposed to say so. As an advice, learn to say NO to prevent regrets in your lives.

We hope that the first two control agents being your parents and teachers will complement the cadet training and give you the right artillery to shield away the disadvantages of the media and a diversion on the negative ripples created by your peers. Furthermore, relying on divine intervention support and compliment the positive agents of change.
Young people, the key here is discipline!
The drills learnt and sacrifice put in over the past weeks will be an asset in your everyday life.
Many young people like you because of ill-disciplined end up on the wrong side of the law.
In the last two years the total number of offenders below the age of 18 in the four divisions was 1,705. The category of offences committed by the juveniles range from offences such as;
• Against lawful authority
• Against public morality
• Against person
• Against property
• Other offences against crimes decree
• Drug offences
Cadets, of the 1,705 offenders, 213 juveniles were from your division and all because they did not make the right choices. Please stay on the right path with discipline so you don’t add to our crime statistics.
Don’t become a negative statistic but rather focus on becoming a positive influence.
Whilst reviewing the parade, I received feedbacks from some of you who wants to become Police Officers and some wants to be nurses and doctors. Remember this, do not thwart your dreams by indiscipline thoughts and actions. Make your dreams come true by practicing what you have learnt in the past weeks and I have no doubt with the help of the Almighty, you will realise your dreams.
In conclusion, students, please do take the time to acknowledge and say thank you to your parents and teachers.

You may not fully comprehend the important role they play in your future right now, but I can promise you that if you don’t take their advice and guidance seriously, you will regret it later in life.
The opportunity you have right now will not be there tomorrow! Learn to appreciate and make use of every opportunity you are presented with to advance in life.
How you use your time will be crucial! Very soon some of you will be sitting external examinations and if you want to avoid having regrets, now is the time to refocus your attention and commit to your studies.
As a student, your only worry right now should be your education. The rest is why your parents are here for.
Before I close, I wish to say a few words to the parents. I want to plead with you to support your child. This is the only time they will need us most. Spend more quality time with them and not on other unimportant priorities. I am regretting the amount of time I wasted on social and leisure activities on in other words time spent on others when I should have spent on my children. If you are one of a few who was once like me, please change today.
Madam Principal, I wish your school the very best for the remainder of the 2017 academic year and May the Lord continue to shower his blessings over Pundit Shreedhar Maharaj College and our beloved nation, Fiji.

Vinaka Vakalevu and Thank you.


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