IED Closing

The Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho has called on officers graduating from the Improvised Explosives Devices Course to understand how their newly acquired skills will have a major role to play in promoting safety.

“The success Fiji has had in hosting foreign dignitaries, heads of states and high level meetings are already a testament of the work we are able to do given our limited resources”.

“With safety being a key element, the knowledge that we have equipped more officers with the skills of safely securing event venues will be an added bonus in our eligibility to play hosts for more events”.

The one week course was attended by officers from the Fiji Police Force and Republic of Fiji Military Forces and facilitated by the New Zealand High Commission with trainers from the New Zealand Police and New Zealand Defence Force.

The training was designed to equip officers with the skills to conduct defensive and offensive searches clearance of major events, plan searches and render safe procedures in the event of a threat even if it is a hoax that could compromise public safety.

Brig-Gen Qiliho said it was imperative that they understood the implications of not applying their knowledge in a constructive way.

“A late night the day before can have troubling implications so you need to take your work seriously because you will never be able to effectively execute your duties if your mind is elsewhere as you will be relying on your powers of observation”.



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