Release-Alleged Fatal

14th June 2017

A 72 year old man is alleged to have caused the death of a man in his 50s as a result of a motor vehicle accident last night.

The incident occurred after 6pm along Nasoso Feeder Road.

The suspect while driving towards Naisoso allegedly bumped two pedestrians who were walking along the side of the road.

Both were rushed to the Nadi Hospital whereby the 51 year old was pronounced dead.

The other victim a 23 year old man was medically treated and sent home.

The driver is being questioned at the Namaka Police Station.

The road death toll currently stands at 27 compared to 23 for the same period last year.

We are again pleading with all road users whether you are a driver or pedestrian to please be mindful of your safety.

Accidents can occur at any given time and everyone needs to respect the rights everyone has to use the roads.

We cannot be everywhere to monitor the movement traffic which is why we are asking for everyone’s assistance to be safe and ensure the safety of others while using Fiji’s roads.


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