Investigators Urged to be Ethical

9th June 2017

Twenty six investigators were reminded to uphold their profession as they had the ability to positively impact the lives of the people they serve.

Chief of Intelligence and Investigations Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Biu Matavou issued the reminder while closing the three week Investigators Course Level II at the Fiji Police Academy this morning.

The course was attended to by investigators from the Fiji Police Force, Republic of Republic of Fiji Military Forces and the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption.

ACP Matavou said the work of an investigator is more than just about investigating a case.

“As investigators people look to us for answers and for justice to be served on the very people who prey upon their right to be safe but your ability to get those answers is not only reliant on the knowledge you have, but the values you hold dear to your profession”

“You can spend weeks, months and years learning about investigative processes but if you fail to apply that knowledge in a professional and ethical manner, then it’s simply time wasted”.

He also issued a warning about working outside the ambits of the law.

“Emotions can get the better of you and at times you will be battling the demands from the family and society for justice but you must never lose focus as any misconduct could jeopardize the case once it is before the courts”.

“The way you conduct your investigation can also give other victims the confidence to come forward and this says a lot about your ability to make a difference in people’s lives”.

The dux of the course was awarded to WDC Ilisabeta Iliana who is based at the Navua Police Station.


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