Indian National; Defence College Visitation

22nd May 2017

A delegation from the Indian National Defence College paid a courtesy visit to the Commissioner of Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho at Fiji Police Headquarters in Laucala this afternoon.

The syndicate group led by Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramaniam consisted of senior officials from the INDC and discussions between Fiji’s Police Commissioner and senior officers revolved around the current policing trends in Fiji as well as possible future engagements.

During discussions about the policing landscape in Fiji, Brigadier General Qiliho said the Fiji Police Force had made significant milestones in progressing the policing field.

“An area that we are investing a lot of money into is that of forensics and we have been assisting our neigbouring Pacific Islands in advancing this specialized field”.

“We are also investing more in technology and for a major event such as the Super Rugby match last weekend where more than 18,000 people converged in one area which is a big number for us, we utilized drones, so technology is the direction we are heading towards to help us in policing”.

Air Vice Marshal Subramaniam was particularly interested in how the Fiji Police Force was able to provide its services to the community considering Fiji’s geographical layout.

The Commissioner of Police in response said community policing played a key role.

“We have a concept called Duavata Community Policing whereby we forge partnerships with members of the community who are instrumental in assisting us with the exchange of information which have led to the success of investigations and operations”.

An issue also brought up during discussions was possible training opportunities available at the INDC for officers from Fiji in specialized fields of policing.



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