Drug Workshop

16th May 2017

In partnership with the New Zealand Government, New Zealand Police and New Zealand Customs, officers from the Fiji Police Force and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority are undergoing a two day workshop on drug trends.

The workshop was opened by the Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu this morning who said it was imperative for law enforcement agencies to stay well ahead of the rapidly evolving criminal landscape.

“With the evolution of the drug trade it is vital that we stay well ahead of criminal elements otherwise we will be playing a catchup game which we can’t afford knowing the devastation drugs can cause”.

“Once you become complacent we will essentially be allowing those involved in the drug trade to expose our weaknesses because these criminals know what point we're at and they will try to beat us at every opportunity”.

ACP Tudravu also called on the participants to be aware of what is happening around them.

“You will be taught techniques and skills that will assist you detect drug related activities and with the focus on clandestine laboratories which are usually designed for ease of concealment of the activity it is imperative that you have an analytical mind”.

“If anything, I urge you to do this for the future generation and give them an opportunity to grow up in a society that is not riddled with drug related activities which is possible through collaboration and sharing of information and ensuring the knowledge gained from this training is not wasted”.

The workshop is being held at the PSC Training Centre in Nasese and ends tomorrow.

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