Finger Print Accreditation Course

15th May 2017

Described as an integral arm of any police organization’s investigative arm, ten officers involved in the fingerprint discipline from Fiji, Tonga and Samoa are undergoing a three week intensive accreditation course at the Fiji Police Academy in Suva.

The course is being facilitated by the Australian Federal Police in conjunction with the Pacific Islands Forensic Accreditation Board (PIFAC), whereby upon the successful completion the participants will be able to use the title “Fingerprint Specialist” and provide expert fingerprint testimony in a court of law.

Opening the course this morning was the Deputy Commissioner of Police Isikeli Ligairi who called on the participants to make full use of the resource personnel to up skill their knowledge of their specialized field of work.

“As officers for the Forensic Department you have to shoulder primary responsibility of using science and technology which can ultimately determine the success of an investigation”.

A specialized field that requires years of studying and training, DCP Ligairi said as Pacific Islanders it is imperative that we were able to assist each other.

“Fiji has sent officers who are experts in the Forensic field to assist our Pacific island neighbours and we you may be here for your individual countries but we have to also think about how we can assist each other in this field on a regional level”.

“There are a number of MOU’s that are already in place and we are grateful to the Pacific Island Chiefs of Police for making it easier for our respective nations to forge partnerships”.

The assessment is designed to not only test the knowledge of the participants, but also their ability to conduct fingerprint identifications under pressure and their ability to deal with rigorous questioning in a realistic courtroom environment.

Eight of the ten participants are from Fiji.



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