Raiwai Community Policing

Since setting up in March this year, the Raiwai Crime Prevention Committee has been taking the lead role and actively getting members of the community together to help the Fiji Police Force fight crime.

Chairman Mr Jo Rasilasila the Committee has been working with the Southern Division Community Policing team to try and raise awareness on the need to keep the Raiwai and Raiwaqa area crime free.

“As residents we were concerned with crimes occurring in both these areas so we decided to seek the assistance of the Fiji Police Force and the Community Policing team in creating as much awareness as possible”.

The Committee have just completed a six day program whereby in partnership with the Fiji Police and the Fiji Corrections Services, awareness programs were conducted in six locations within the Raiwaqa and Raiwai area.

“Together we entered these clusters and the officers talked to the communities about sexual offences, drugs, juvenile issues, and other criminal related activities and we were fortunate to have the Fiji Corrections officers present with us so that people heard firsthand the consequences of getting involved in criminal activities”.

Mr Rasilasila said their next goal is to have a major launch of the Committee’s establishment as well as a drive to get more residents to come on board.

“We are holding weekly meetings with Police at the Raiwaqa Station and are planning for a major launch in the coming months”.

“The business community have also shown their commitment and our next focus is to get the youth and their parents involved because we are concerned about their welfare as we want them to have a happy and prosperous future which can be affected if they get caught in a life of crime”.



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