Super Rugby

Members of rhe public are again reminded that we will be closing off the stretch of road from the junctions of Queen Elizabeth Drive and Grantham Road from 4pm.

We will only allow those with the approved vehicle passes to enter the restricted areas and this is being done in accordance with security measures at Super Rugby match venues.

Traffic officers will be deployed from 3pm to control and direct traffic and from 4pm full closure will be done for the above mentioned roads.

Specialized units will be deployed to the ANZ Stadium consisting of the Police Special Response Unit, K-9 and Drugs to name a few, and random checks will be conducted at all points of entries.

Safety regulations set out by the management of the ANZ Stadium must be strictly followed and we are urging everyone to abide by them as we will not hesitate to seize or remove items or persons who do not want to comply.

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Police Clearance