Bluelight Camp Begins

30th April 2017

After a lapse of two years the Fiji Police Force’s Bluelight Camp for students is being conducted, this time with the aim of showing children that there is more to life then electronic gadgets.

In partnership with AUSAid and UNICEF, the Bluelight Camp coordinated by the Juvenile Bureau has been an avenue where the Fiji Police Force would nurture students to becoming law abiding citizens.

The weeklong camp is being held at Burelevu Village in Tailevu and the 28 students are from schools in both the Central and Eastern Division.

Coordinator Sergeant Emosi Uluilakeba said the focus of the camp was to show students how life can be more than just about gadgets.

“This is the second such camp where we give them an experience of village life because we want them to know that fun can be derived from life experiences and things around you”.

“We believe one of the best settings is the village life, because you can go out into the forests or sea and use natural resources to make useful things”

The weeklong program will include activities such as the building of rafts to collecting seafood as well as arts and craft.

Sgt Uluilakeba said by having the students engage in interactive activities, the Force is able to learn more about behavioural issues confronting children.

“Children absorb a lot of knowledge from the things they pick up however they do not always have the opportunity to share them and we want to change this so we are able to have a trusting relationship and share information”.

“As adults we need to be aware of what our children are facing then we will be able to show them the right way and past Bluelight camps students who were victims of crime were finally able to confide in someone because the time spent together engaged in these types of activities allowed us to develop a bond.”.

Meanwhile as hosts of the one week camp the villagers of Burelevu said they were happy to assist the Force in molding Fiji’s future generation.

Chairman of the Burelevu Education Committee and retired school teacher Mr Toma Waqavonovono said they were eager to host the students.

“WE often hear that education is a lifelong process. No matter where we stop for our education path there’s always room for learning”.

“The Education Committee has been running for 5 years now and we also have a similar concept of promoting education through various means and if we can play a role in helping our future generation then this is time well spent for all of us”.

The camp concludes on Saturday.



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