Importance of Tourism

The people of the Tikina of Nacula in Yasawa were reminded of the importance of tourism being one of the country’s leading earners contributing to many aspects of the economy.

The Fiji Police Force Western Divisional Manager for Community Policing (DMCP/W) Superintendent of Police (SP) Petero Tuinirarama made these remarks at the Tikina Nacula fundraising Drive at Matacawalevu Village, Nacula, Yasawa last over the weekend.

There are a total of twelve resorts in the Tikina of Nacula providing employment to most of its villagers with majority of the developments in the area a direct result of the tourism industry.

“Tourism has made life a lot easier with employment opportunities brought right to your homes, which is why we are urging you to value your work by looking after our visitors who come to your shores every day,” said SP Petero.

Some reports of concern received from tourists include dirty dealings to the overcharging of items to some being misinformed and mislead by unscrupulous individuals.

SP Tuinirarama said he hoped no such report will surface from the people of Nacula.

“The world has heard of the Yasawa’s and most have a lifetime dream of coming here. This is truly Paradise, so don’t turn this place into a crime area,” said SP Petero.

Those present were reminded that it would take one negative report to spoil the good reputation of tourism in the area, reiterating the importance of working together to protect the industry.

The awareness was conducted during the Tikina’s fundraising drive for the upcoming Adi Salusalu Festival.

Tikina Representative, Saimoni Naivalu said they wanted to contribute towards the development within the Ba Province.

Mr Naivalu praised the support of the Fiji Police Force which saw the Community Policing Team being part of their event over the weekend along with the groove beats provided by the Fiji Police Brass Band.



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