Coca Cola Games


We are requesting members of the public to be mindful of the items they intend to take to the ANZ Stadium for the remainder of the Coca-Cola Games.

This is after a number of items were seized by officers namely knives and other sharp objects.

While there were no sinister motives for bringing the items in that we were able to determine as it was for the preparation of food it must be noted that items such as knives and other sharp objects are prohibited.

Another area ofconcern is the seizure of a few rolls believed to be marijuana. As the investigations continue we have our K9 capabilities at the grounds and are able to easily detect those carrying the substances.

There was also an incident whereby a student was escorted out for allegedly trying to stir trouble with another group of students.

We are grateful also for his teacher's intervention as we were able to solve the issue quickly.

We are therefore reminding parents, guardians, teachers, students and supporters that we have all bases covered so if you dont want to be removed from the Games venue for breaching the law, then please dont try to test the system.

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Police Clearance