Assaulting Police Officers

Two men are in custody for allegedly assaulting two police officers in separate incidents.

The first was reported in the Southern Division whereby a man who was brought in for breahing a DVRO and under the influence alllegedly assaulted an officer from the Raiwaqa Police Station.

The incident occurred on Friday.

The second incident was recorded last night in Sigatoka town whereby an officer who was on beat patrol was allegedly assaulted by a man.

As both suspects remain in custody Chief of Operations ACP RUSIATE TUDRAVU is reminding members of the public that police officers are merely conducting their work and it is imperative for people to control their emotions.

"Our officers are trying to ensure you're able to enjoy your long weekend without major incidents and in the event you get caught on the wrong side of the law, resorting to violence against our officers won't help your case as it will result in additional charges".

He has urged everyone to enjoy the remainder of their long weekend responsibly.



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