Easter Operations

The Easter Long Weekend for many will be a time of celebration and meeting up with families.

We are anticipating a lot of movement in to and out of major city and town areas for social and recreational gatherings, and with the increased number of road accidents recorded on a daily basis, we are urging everyone to plan their travel well.

Speeding continues to be the leading cause of road accidents and fatalities and with 14 lives lost on our roads this year, we are hoping to record zero fatalities this long weekend.

However this will only be possible if everyone cooperates with us and adheres to the requests on the need and importance of adopting safe road at all times.

We will be increasing visibility on the major highways and random breathylzer checks will be conducted as we try to also address the issue of drinking and driving.

Drivers are therefore warned that anyone who is found driving under the influence of alcohol they will be kept in custody until the next available court sitting.

No one will be bailed and it is therefore advisable that if you want to enjoy your time with your family and friends this long weekend, be sure not to drink and drive!

With the number of social gatherings planned this long weekend we are urging parents and guardians to keep a watchful eye over their children. We can get caught up in the merry making that we lose sight of our children’s activities and this is a time where they can become innocent victims of road accidents.

Let’s work together to keep our roads safe this Easter long weekend, because without your help, that will not be possible.

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